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Promoting health through nutrition

Alexander Bakker is a Dutch culinary journalist, renowned for having mastered Thai Rattanakosin Cuisine, the Royal Thai equivalent of Japanese Kaiseki. Some twenty years ago Alexander started out as a journalist, working for two Dutch quality newspapers. He has written nine cookbooks (and counting) and has published with many high-end culinary magazines. Alexander is well connected to both supermarkets and wholesalers.

 Alexander is committed to promoting health through nutrition. He now wants to bring the health benefits and pure joy of top-grade Japanese Umami-products to the West. His aim is to have a comprehensive selection of products available to consumers in every supermarket, by the end of 2014 in the Netherlands, then in the rest of the EU. Consumers have become more and more aware of the effects nutrition has, both positive and adverse. Now is the time to offer them healthy new choices, and healthier alternatives to products they are already familiar with.

 Alexander is looking for partners who are committed to providing the best possible Umami-products. Partners who want to change the way consumers think about nutrition, and who want to help change their daily diet. Alexander is focused on building long-term relationships, and is looking to work together with producers in developing products that make the best of their knowledge compatible with Western culinary traditions.

If you would like to be part of this wholesome new enterprise, please get in touch. You can reach Alexander at