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Milly’s Brother

Recent heb ik een roman geschreven in het Engels: 'Milly’s Brother'. Dit is de synopsis.

"The impersonal telegram from the War Office which Milly finds on the kitchen table,  leaves her inconsolable. She is exhorted to feel proud her brother Cedric was killed in WWI, in a sodden trench in Flanders. But when she suddenly hears Cedric’s voice, she is afraid grief has gotten the better of her. Grudgingly Cedric confides how he felt defeated before ever having had to fight. Then he starts relating grim and personal aspects of the War no-one would have cared to know. His revelations have a disruptive effect, first on Milly and then on everyone around her. Milly’s ability to distinguish between real and surreal, between right and wrong, is pushed to the limit of her endurance. Even the memories she treasures most are at stake. Milly realizes each and every one of us has a personal choice to make – we must choose what we believe. Now Milly is faced with one remaining obstacle: almost no one will believe a sixteen year old girl claiming she can talk to her dead brother. "

Hier lees je het eerste hoofdstuk.